Karaoke-DX for End Users

Karaoke-DX project offers a ready-to-use installation package for the end users. Download and run the installer. Then you can use Windows Media Player to play back karaoke files just the way you do it with AVIs, WMVs or MPGs.

We suggest to take a look at karaoke settings to configure the KaraokeDX for best performance and preferred appearance. There are a lot of things you can customize: colors, backgrounds, layout, dimensions, fonts. See the documentaion for additional info and tips or contact us directly.

Installation notes

There are few things you have to bother about during installation of KaraokeDX. First, remove any previous version of KaraokeDX if any. Second, starting with KaraokeDX 3.0 you will need to have DirectX 9.0 Runtime installed on your machine. Please visit Microsoft website to download the runtime.

Here is a fast link to the DirectX 9.0 download page: Download DirectX 9.0 End User Runtime

We would be happy if you enjoy our work. The work is under way, so don't hesitate to feed back any comments, wishes, problems or bug fixes to us.