Welcome to DirectX Karaoke Homepage

This project is no longer supported. The developer has moved to Troubadour Karaoke company.

This project is dedicated to Karaoke on the base of Microsoft DirectX technology. We are developing a number of DirectShow filters that allow end-user playing back karaoke files in the standard Windows Media Player without need to look for and/or buy expensive players with complicated GUI.

Due to the advantages of the DirectX technology the filters can be used in a number of other applications. For example, one may use the filters to convert karaoke files into video clips and then write a CD/DVD disc.

We also encourage developers of karaoke applications to reuse the Karaoke-DX since it is modular, configurable and embeddable.

Features of Karaoke For DirectX:

MIDI Karaoke And LRC Karaoke (mp3+lyrics)

CD+G Karaoke

Other features