Karaoke-DX for Developers

Karaoke-DX project is developed keeping in mind a thought that it can be reused in some other application. For example, a custom, standalone karaoke player, karaoke file authoring system or karaoke to video conversion utility. Due to the fact that Karaoke-DX builds upon the DirectShow technology it is modular, configurable and suits best for such multimedia applications.

If you are new to DirectShow we suggest you to visit MSDN website and GDCL website. The best informational source about DirectShow is DirectX SDK.

Overview of Karaoke-DX Modular Architecture

Karaoke-DX consists of a number of DirectShow filters:

The filters that support configuring expose specific COM interfaces, so custom applications can set up play back just the way they need.

The source code source code is available. All filters are designed using standard DirectX SDK and the base classes included in it.

If you have not found here the information you need or are unsure about some details contact us directly.